Thursday, May 17th th at Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

In its first showcase of local and international works by women filmmakers, GAZE presents a diverse collection of shorts on the concept of HOME.

When all is fleeting and ephemeral, what can we call home?  And are we ever truly at home? From the experimental unearthing and reassembly of family history to the voyeuristic gaze into the bedroom windows of strangers to the dreamlike Turkish beach resorts that offer a “home away from home”, this wildly varied collection questions the very concept of “home” while showcasing exciting experimental, documentary, and narrative work from seasoned and emerging women filmmakers, both locally and internationally. 
GAZE is excited to present, HOME.

Avo, by Raquel Schefer
Sveit, by Kyja-Kristansson Nelson
Homecoming, by Irina Leimbacher
Canada, by Anjali Sundaram
Longshore>, by Vera Brunner-Sung
Inside, by Mandy Williams
Bu Sahilde, by Merve Kayan and Zeynep Dadak

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