Generation Loss

Thursday, March 27th, at Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

penny lane - voyagers

We’re a generation of thieves, pastiche artists, and Dr Frankensteins, cutting and borrowing from the digital wasteland as well as the stickiest parts of nature. What is conjured in the alchemy of reproduction? And what falls by the wayside? This season’s GAZE is a journey into the aesthetics and pleasures of copying, remapping, and new weird genres. Join us for a transmutation of the digital soul, a journey into something rich and strange (those are pearls that were his eyes!) Hold on to your mimeographs.


Voyagers, by Penny Lane
Remote, by Jesse McLean
Self Portrait as a Youtube Tutorial, by Kate Rhoades
Coming Soon, by Amy Ruhl
Softest Core, by Amy Ruhl
Naive Melody / Unda Pressure, Gemma Syme
Perfect Plastic, by Meredith Sward
How to Graft the Tree of Knowledge, by Meraz Tzur
callehan:feder book, by Talia Feder
And This Forest Will Be a Desert, by C & A Projects

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