Sunday, March 20, 2016
8PM at ATA
GAZE presents

Falling Lessons

GAZE is honored to be hosting the San Francisco premiere of Amy Halpern’s feature film FALLING LESSONS (1992).

Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times called FALLING LESSONS, “a stunning, life-affirming experience from a major experimental film artist.”

FALLING LESSONS will be coupled with ELIXIR and BY HALVES from Halpern’s ASSORTED MORSELS a suite of short films produced in 2012. The screening will open with TANKA (1976) by David Lebrun, Halpern’s partner and collaborator. All films will screen on 16mm.

Amy Halpern is an independent New York filmmaker working in Los Angeles. Her films are abstract in their concern with light, movement and the film medium, but they are also human in their elements and themes. One theme which persists throughout her work is that liberation––from social, political, psychological, perceptual and even bodily constraints––is indeed possible.


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