Kim Miskowicz

Thursday, November 10th, at Artists’ Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Join us for the WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO of “ARE YOU?“ and other shorts by Kim Miskowicz.
Drawing from her video archive of references for her 2-dimensional work, Miskowicz weaves the sublime with reminders of its impermanence such as listening to crickets at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon interrupted by the starting of a car. In this intimate program of moving images, Kim Miskowicz explores cognitive and physical place, animated found imagery, pulsating landscapes, privacy and video fragments within a variety of formats.

Screening will include films and videos spanning nearly a decade of other compositional musings and nostalgic speculations on points in space. See new cell phone camera generations of “XU Extract,” in celebration of it’s 11th birthday, a generationally updated and downgraded video that chases conversions of moving image formats, with each new generation containing a small part of the first.    


ARE YOU ? – digital video
Travel Plaza – digital video
Oakland, CA – Middle Harbor Rd – digital video
ABQ do not edit – Super 8mm
Saving the Next to Last – hand-crank Super 8mm
Bennetteville Movie – digital video
XU – 11th birthday  – digital video
Building Drip – Super 8mm
Midwinter Firework- digital video
Daily Winter Bridge – Super 8mm
Cement Ship Called the Palo Alto – Super 8mm
Part III – Super 8mm
And more!
“My work focuses on a response to material and data overload creating breaks in continuous thoughts similar to a building obstructing a view of a simple horizon. My paintings and films are inspired by the belief in therapeutic effects of viewing distant forms in the landscape. I use film and video as a multiplier and quick viewer of minutely varied compositions. I explore media and material absorption in relation to determining what of our personal, emotional and informational lives one preserves versus invalidates.”

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