GAZE Animation Showcase III: Frame by Haunted Frame

Saturday, June 17th 2017
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

From microscopic intimacy to historical urgency, GAZE is excited to present our third “all-animation” screening. Join us for an evening of screenings that include meditations on bio-mechanical abstraction, spatial memory, the mythopoeic, as well as personal and political explorations in movement.

UNIVERSAL MECHANISM by Caroline Blais (1:00 minutes, 2016)
As the Earth rotates slowly, various forces of nature, mechanical movements, and human trajectories occur simultaneously.

BOTANICOLLAGE ON FRISCO BAY by Caryn Cline (3:46 minutes, 2017)
A workshop film, created at a botanicollage workshop held at the San Francisco Exploratorium. The workshop was taught and the film rephotographed by Caryn Cline, featuring sequences created by Bay Area artists and filmmakers out of local botanicals.

WE R THE MOLD by Dawn George (7:00 minutes, 2016)
Up close, mold is an intricate mass of branching filaments and delicate fruiting bodies creating a colourful connected web. When viewed from a distance, mold loses its complexities and a more destructive nature is realized… much like the world we live in.

INTANGIBLE BODY by Emelie Mahdavian (2:45 minutes, 2016)
Intangible Body HiRes Still 2
This experimental film explores censorship of Iranian women’s dance performance and what constitutes a woman’s ”body” in the digital age. Given that women “dancing” in public is illegal in Iran today — and even animated movies are censored — we set out to play with the edge of what constitutes a body, a dance, or an Iranian woman.

CHALK TRACE by Esther Johnson (2:39 minutes, 2013)
As a child in the 1950s, Ron Cockroft drew a chalk line from his school in Oldham to his home in Chadderton. Chalk Trace commemorates and reanimates his graffiti journey through a now much-changed network of streets. The film was photographed in the original streets of Oldham as they stand today – over 60 years after Ron’s original graffiti.

RESUSCITATION by Hannah Raye White (5:24 minutes, 2016)
​The act of becoming is never as expected, but it is fundamental to the experience of being.

IN HER OWN PATTERN by Irina Haugane (1:01 minutes, 2015)
In her own pattern 2.jpg
The video is a study of a fly, who flies in an open space, yet stays in a very small area. The pattern of the fly is animated with a semi-transparent line, which varies in thickness according to the speed of its movements. This video-work contemplates relative time by drawing a paralell between the life of a fly and man.

THE OLD MAN AND THE PEARS by Jing Sun (5:01 minutes, 2016)

​A weak and hungry old man begs for a pear from a fruit peddler, but the peddler refuses and rejects him. A little boy bravely steps forward and spends his last coin to buy a pear for the old man. Finally, a magical form of justice emerges from the ground.

REGAL by Karissa Hahn (2:15 minutes, 2015)
from: film (theater) to > youtube (home) > to film (theater) Torrented/pirated (digital) images as found footage, printed from a household printer onto 16mm clear film. Such as the loading dial, REGAL aims to circulate and find its way back to the screen. Take this proxy and see that the ghost has become tangible. Informed largely by: Hito Steyerl’s “In Defense of the Poor Image”

SHE COLLAGE by Kate Lain (9:55 minutes, 2015)
she collage 01
​She Collage is part response to the work of Southern California–based collage artist Terry Braunstein, part reflection on the practice of art-making. Like Braunstein’s art, the film is itself a collage—in this case, frame-by-frame hand-manipulated images of Braunstein, paper cutout stopmotion animation, archival footage, and an assemblage of sounds.

“MORE DANGEROUS THAN A THOUSAND RIOTERS” by Kelly Gallagher (6:19 minutes, 2016)
An experimental animated documentary exploring the powerful and inspiring life of revolutionary Lucy Parsons.

FROM THE DIZZINESS OF FREEDOM: THE PHILOSOPHY VESSEL by Melissa Ferrari (7:16 minutes, 2016)
Across cultures, the labyrinth and the maze have played significant roles in the history, spirituality, mythology and entertainment of human society. By tracing their contexts and concepts across cultures, we can view mazes and labyrinths as philosophical architecture that embodies the history of human meaning and metaphysical thought. This film is a visualization of the strategies that people incorporate to find meaning in their lives inspired by the mythology and functions of mazes and labyrinths throughout history.

KATAGAMI by Michael Lyons (3:15 minutes, 2016)
Stop-motion animation made by photographing and rephotographing antique kimono resist-dyeing stencils in positive and negative. Spatial shifts and variations in the repeating pattern elements generate apparent motion. Photographed on Super 8 and developed in Matchanal (Uji powdered green tea, Vitamin C, Washing Soda).

LATEX by Pamela Guest (1:02 minutes, 2016)
A short non narrative film that explores clear, material, plastic and it’s relation to a living human being.

COPPER PERFORATION LOOP TRIPTYCH by Ruth Hayes (3:21 minutes, 2016)
Iterations of Copper Perforation Loop, an original length of direct animation created by scraping emulsion off of 16mm black leader against a 5” diameter circular disc of perforated copper. The Triptych includes the original loop, and hand processed contact prints, one of which was printed onto Liquid Light coated clear leader.

“I am a part of all that I have met.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson, UlyssesB

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