BAWAR Benefit: Rage/Resist

GAZE film series presents a curated screening exploring gendered oppression, bearing witness, survivorship, and modes of resistance to benefit Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR), where call volume and requested services rose dramatically alongside the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation. In curating this social fundraiser, we hope to respond to the needs of our community by creating a space to process these current events through art, as well as rally and strategize next steps for collective action.

In partnership with Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque, our program emphasizes how women-identified filmmakers historically shape the visual landscape around gendered violence, outrage, and resistance.

Entrance fee is $7-$10 sliding scale
ATA is ADA Accessible

After Fall, Kelly Sears(2018, TRT 3:15)
A version of how the following year can unfold, put into motion before the confirmation vote occurs.

Leave Britney Alone, Faith Arazi  (2018, TRT 1:19)
In reflection of Britney, and women objectified in public everywhere.

About a Girl, Laine Rettmer (2018, TRT 7:40)
A two-channel video work that places the mythological Leda next to the grunge rock icon Kurt Cobain.

I have been told that my skin is exceptionally smooth, Regina Gonzalez-Arroyo (2015, TRT 4:46)
A reflective film about a traumatic encounter.

Mary’s Tree, Carolyn Shadid Lewis *** Special Preview Screening*** (2018, TRT 11:00)
The story of Mary from Cape Clear, the most southern island off the coast of Ireland, who found healing and reconciliation with her body and land many years after being forced to flee the home that she loved.

Lie Back and Enjoy It, Joann Elam ***Courtesy of Canyon Cinema*** (16mm, 1982, TRT 8:00)
A dialectical film about the politics of representation.


Sun to Moon, Anne Lesley Selcer (2016, live performance, TRT 5:45)
A live performance film with text created both ekphresiatcially from viewing porn images, and from writing a ritual for refusal, recovery and release from sexual violence, nonconsensual domination and abuse.

Buttons, Emmia Newman (2018, TRT 1:59)
A meditation on buttons as a cosseting mechanism for people who are socially perceived as women. 

Petit Chaperon Rouge (Wolf Dating), Carla Della Beffa (2010, TRT 3:00)
Inspired by Charles Perrault’s original version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Body Contours, Kristin Reeves(2015, TRT 6:00)
Trauma overloads the brain’s signal. Meaning then becomes sensation. Outside of the reach of language and logic, brain signals jam and loop.

Me and My Army, Sair Goetz(2017, TRT 10:58)
A re-imagining of the experiences of the actress Adrienne Corri — most famous for her role as a rape victim in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange — through the reenactment of actions from historical works of feminist art.

Applied Pressure, Kelly Sears(2018, TRT 6:20)
Ease the pain from past physical and mental distress. The body remembers. Aches may linger. Lay prone, breathe deeply, release tension.

More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, Kelly Gallagher(2016, TRT 6:20)
An experimental animated documentary exploring the powerful and inspiring life of revolutionary Lucy Parsons.


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