How to submit

You can submit work online or by mail. We accept works year round.


There are two things to consider when submitting works.

  1. If you are submitting to a specific and current call for entries for a themed show, be sure to submit to that specific link. In this case, there will always be a submission deadline. The current call for entries is for our first annual Moving Image Showcase!  Submit online here.
  2. If you are submitting your work for us to consider outside of a specific call for entries, there is no deadline. You can submit it here.


Due to COVID-19 GAZE is no longer accepting submissions by snail mail. if you require assistance submitting using our online form, please email:

6 thoughts on “How to submit

  1. Dear Gaze’s team,

    I’d like to send you one of my film, dealing with a cinema direct experience following a soufie woman in Algeria curing people through trance.
    People give me permission to show this film any where, except on algerian television and internet. Those practices are still condamned by some fundamentalist and their is a risk that the trance ceremony participant filmed could be persecuted.
    Could you tell me if i can send you my film with this restriction?
    Thank you for your answer.


    • Jessica,

      Please go ahead and submit your piece. If selected, it would not be screened online through us – or Algerian television. We are okay with this restriction. Feel free to e-mail us should you have any more questions.
      Thanks for your comment and we look forward to receiving your submission.


  2. Hello GAZE folks!
    What is the submission deadline and What is the screening date for this event?
    Thanks, I am excited attend. Diana

    • Hi Anna,

      No deadline. We are an ongoing screening series, usually producing about 4 shows a year, so we accept work year round. Thanks.

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